LC-A+ Krab


Der Unterwasseraufsatz für alle Lomo LC-A+ und Lomo LC- Kameras.

Much like our Lomo LC-A+ and Diana+ cameras, we’re proud to announce that we’ve resurrected another analog relic from the past and breathed new life into a wonderful concept that ended before its time. Re-built from the ground up, given stronger seals and a deeper effective depth, our ALL-NEW LOMO LC-A+ KRAB – an exclusive reproduction of the original Soviet-era treasure - will take your Lomo LC-A+ 20m (65 feet) beneath the water’s surface for spectacular & other-worldly undersea Lomography! By combining the best features (and the Soviet-style good looks) of the original case with modern-day plastics and underwater sealing rings, we’ve paid homage to and realized the dreams of the original KRAB’s designers (whoever they may be!)

ALL Lomo LC-A+ & select LC-A cameras are fully compatible with Lomo LC-A+ KRAB

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Auswahl: Menge

Bestellnummer: LCA-Krab

129.- CHF

(inkl. MWST)

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